What Animal? Part of jaw and teeth found


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      Mike D

      Would anybody be able to help me, clearing through the plants in my garden yesterday I came across part of a jaw with teeth of some kind of animal, I have tried to identify the animal but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. It seems as though the animal was a herbivore and the closest match I can find with the teeth is a kind of Equus Genus, it is approx. 12cm long. I live in a house from the early-mid 1800s which was built around a lot of farming and equestrian land so the chance of finding something along those lines is probably high but if anybody with some knowledge would be able to assist it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

      Photo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sufnxoqe89kpavr/teeth.jpg?dl=0

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      Looks like a horse to me. Not sure though

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