What are your country’s endemic animals?

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      Here are some of the endemic animals in the Philippines. Sadly most of them are already threatened and endangered.

      Bubalus mindorensis (Tamaraw). This one is much smaller than our commonly seen carabaos in rice fields. Status: endangered.

      Mistichthys luzonensis (Sinarapan), the world’s smallest fish according to the Guiness World Record, measures 2.1-2.4 mm in length, which is smaller than a ten centavo coin.

      Tarsius syrichta (Philippine tarsier) in Bohol, another endangered.

      Tragulus nigricans(Pilandok/Mousedeer)

      Bubo philippensis (Philippine eagle-owl)

      Crocodylus mindorensis (Philippine crocodile)

      Pandaka pygmaea (Dwarfy pygmygoby)

      Also appeared on our former 10-centavo coin

      Cynocephalus volans (Colugo/Philippine flying lemur)

      The Philippines is rich in plant and animal biodiversity. Unfortunately these natural wonders are nearly disappearing, both due to local industrial commercialization and globalization.

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      Oh i see and this Indonesian endemic animal
      (Bubalus quarlesi) Anoa
      Java Rhinoceros(Rhinoceros sondaicus)
      Tarsius Sulawesi ( Tarsius tarsier)
      Orang Utan (Simia pygmaeus)

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      How about Endemic to my State, Massachusetts in the USA.
      common: includes opossum, Red fox, Skunk (of course), Chipmunks, flying squirrel, Eastern coyote, bobcat,
      bald eagle, red tailed hawk, racoon, wood chucks, beaver,black bear, white tail deer, Fishers, peragrine falcon, barn owls…etc

      Sightings of Eastern Mountain Lion are reported, Including a mauling of a horse in Monson by a couger.
      And I have seen tracks myself at Quabbin Resavoir.
      reports are more common but have to be documented
      This is all there is for now and no way reflects the truth. Time will tell

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      Want to see a photo of that Anoa and compare it with the tamaraw. Certainly that the animals listed by Linn were exclusive in temperate regions too like their place. I’m already fine without lions and black bears here 😉 .

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      There was a documentary of this organism, also rare and endangered reptile here. Closely related to Komodo dragons, and locally named butikaw or butaan, a giant fruit-eating lizard. It was confirmed as a new species in April 2010.

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      I love the eagle owl! It is just gorgeous!!!

      Here is NZ we have a lot of unique birds as we dont have any native mammals apart from oceanic creatures (seals, dolphins etc.) and the birds were able to fill all the niches that would otherwise have been filled by mammals.

      Sadly they too, are threatened by extinction… =(

      Wouldn’t it be awful if our own national icon were to die out?

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      "Wouldn’t it be awful if our own national icon were to die out?"

      Give it time the developers are working on it, you have already lost the Moa one of the large "Ratite" group, many of your Parrots are endangered just like here in Australia but not only Australia …….Globally!!!

      And what causes it? ………….. that filthy stinking worthless greedy animal we all know as "Homo sapian" and what makes me laugh is "Homo sapian" is latin for "wise man" which i think must be some sort of sick joke? as "Homo sapian" is about as wise as a chunk of coprolite.

      In my eyes a "wise man" is someone who turns his mistakes into a lesson "Homo sapian" fails to do this every single time.

      Anyway having said that Endemic species here in Australia are off the top of my head are …………

      Koala, Kangaroo, Tree Kangaroo, Platypus, Echidna, Funnel web spider, Bandicoot, Antichinus, Emu, Wombat’s and Galah’s which i have already mentioned above aka "Homo sapian"

      Australia has around 230 odd endemic Marsupial species, Australia is very diverse and unique when it comes to organisms due to it’s geographical isolation, it has produced some of the worlds most bizarre and beautifully interesting animals the best example i think being the Echidna and Platypus which are the only 2 world wide "monotremes" (egg laying Mammals)

      BUT Australia is near the top of the list when it comes to SPECIES DESTRUCTION but we try our best to hide it and pretend it never happened.

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      Speaking about endemic animals in Taiwan:
      Among endemic mammals are:
      Formosan Serow
      Formosan Macaque
      Formosan Serow – Naemorhedus swinhoei (Gray)
      Formosan Shrew – Soriculus fumidus Thomas
      Tada’s Shrew – Crocidura tadae Tokuda & Kano
      Koshun Shrew – Soriculus sodalis Thomas

      and 17 endemic bird species and another 60 endemic subspecies of Taiwan have been identified:
      among them are:
      Yellow Tit – Parus holsti Seebohm
      White-whiskered Laughingthrush – Garrulax morrisonianus (Ogilvie-Grant)
      White-eared Sibia – Heterophasia auricularis (Swinhoe)
      Taiwan Yuhina – Yuhina brunneiceps Ogilvie-Grant
      Taiwan Barwing – Actinodura morrisoniana Ogilvie-Grant
      Steere’s Liocichla – Liocichla steerii Swinhoe
      Taiwan Blue Magpie – Urocissa caerulea (Gould)
      Styan’s Bulbul – Pycnonotus taivanus Styan
      Taiwan Whistling Thrush – Myiophoneus insularis Gould

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      Wonderful!!! especially animals of Philippines!!

      I am terribly sorry, but when i hear or see a word endemic, I remember only Australia – kangaroos and other specific animals…

      And which are Russian endemic animals -or which Russian animals we must respect as endemic????

      I had found a book concerned to this question in a lot of countries
      http://reslib.com/book/Ecotourism_serie … otourism#1

      just may be russian endemics – ussuriyski and amursky tiger?? some birds and fishes??

      I am not a zoologist, but I am really interested in…

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      are giraffes endemic, because they live only in Africa? I don’t think so.

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      probably they are…

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      Really? I have never heard about giraffes being endemic.

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      It is my supposition) endemic is animal living only in this area or taking its beginning from this area?

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      agree, but isn’t the size of the area limited?

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