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      Not sure where in the world you are, I’m in London and after my degree, I realized there weren’t many jobs in the industry unless you want to go into academia or do lots and lots of volunteer work to get into businesses such as Zoos.

      I actually sent my resume to lots of scientific companies in my home city and got a job writing manuals for scientific equipment. I’ve now moved on to marketing.

      If you want to continue in Zoology just go for it and be prepared to work long and hard and not get paid much, but if you choose something different to remember the skills you have learned are transferable, analytical mind, writing reports concisely, communication, explaining complex subjects in a simple manner etc etc

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      Initially, wish you can find your coworkers in the research of zoology. If you need any financial help, there is a scholarship program provided by a company. Here is the link:

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