what causes the change in hair colour

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      what could be the cause,(perharps a mutation)of parents with normal black hair colour to maybe after their middle age years,having a child who has just lived 4 like 20years and have started to develop white or grey hairs in the head and chin?what can such a trait be linked to?

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      Does not need to be a recent mutation. The genes for early greying of hair might have been floating about in the population for a very long time, but just come together (becoming homozygous) on rare occasions.

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      This thread has been unanswered for a couple of months now but such interesting topic should be known by the new members of these forum, so I have decide to make it alive again. Instead of creating a new thread and also to avoid duplicate post, i have posted my opinion to the old one. (pardon to the board if what i did was wrong).

      The change in hair color (on biological definition) can be caused by two factors: age and genetics. Study shows that hair follicle has “melanogenesis clock”, it slows down or stop the melanocyte activity that causes the hair to be gray.

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