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      I’ve started just with mild headaches on the thursday morning, then that night it was mums birthday(perfect timing…) the headaches became really bad and i started coughing. The next morning i had the headaches still and a massive sore throat and runny nose, just to top it off now every minute or so i’m in the need to either swallow or spit out saliva, i think the saliva thing is to do with the sore throat but i’m still unsure. I kept on going with these symptoms all friday and saturday. But on saturday, all of a sudden i had to vomit except all that came out was this yellow stuff. I started thinking maybe since i’m spitting saliva so much i can’t cough up my felm, so i had to vomit it out? Can anyone explain anyway to stop from constantly spitting and make me feel better before i fall to behind in school?

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      it looks like just a bad cold/ the flu.
      But why are you asking this here instead of seeing a physician?

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