What do other IBS sufferers use as treatment?

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      I’ve had IBS for 4 years and have been on Zelnorm previously. I’m at point again where I can begin a new treatment and I’m looking to hear from other IBS patients on what they use or do. I’ve read a lot about using certain homoeopathic treatments (such as herbs, psychiatrists and chiropractors). Basically I want to hear what everyone else uses and how well it works for them personally.

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      I had this Dx some years ago. To me it is a meaningless Dx, to disguise an inability to find a causative factor behind the symptoms. it simply means "this person is having digestive problems relating to the bowel which our tests show no reason for." In other words, "we don’t know."
      But even though it is really a non diagnosis, there needed to be a term for it so that it could be coded for insurance purposes,(docs get paid) so now we have IBS as a disease. IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome, ie you have a syndrome (set of symptoms) showing your bowel is irritated. Betcha you could have told the doc your bowel was irritable and that you had a set of symptoms before this Dx.
      If the docs do not know the cause, they don’t know the cure either.
      Now you get to be your own advocate. You need to ask for any non invasive testing they haven’t already done. First up, parasite stool examinations. Many false negatives here, but sometimes they find something. Your average doc doesn’t realize what’s involved with testing for O&P, and often regards a single negative test result as conclusive. He or she has also been taught that parasites are relatively rare in developed countries, to which I say baloney! Not rare, but under diagnosed. Parasites really do not care if your country is rich or poor, but I am sure they are well satisfied to eat inside a well nourished
      body. (See my post about Paleo diet, scroll down for a description of
      the nature of this test, you will see why a positive could be Dx as a
      negative even by the best of labs and with the best of techs) Be firm that you want at least three stools tested. I recently read on Mayo Clinic site that some parasites need not be treated. My opinion is that even the so called harmless ones cause immune response, playing havoc with your immune system, which of course is mainly orchestrated in the bowel!
      Then ask for a test to see how quickly food passes through your system, or do it yourself using beets! Of course do it yourself testing isn’t well respected by docs, but at least you will be able with a bit of online research, to figure out a lab test to ask for that will give you similar results.
      Ask for a test that shows whether you have enough stomach acid.
      By now your doc will likely be getting irritated with you, but persist until you run out of options, or he runs out of patience.
      If you have already had CT, X-rays, or MRI, or any of these, do not allow him to talk you into more. These are overused, and really do not show everything!
      I assume you have already had colonoscopy, if not you should. If so, don’t buy it if he tells younhe would have seen parasites if you had them. They don’t all reside in the colon, and he did not scope your small bowel. Besides some are miscrscopic, and his scope won’t see these.
      Okay that’ll give you a start…

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      Forgot to say, meanwhile, you could begin a couple of elimination diets, just to see if you have developed a food allergy. Try not eating dairy for a month, and see if that helps. If not next month try a celiac diet, and see if that helps. These are the most common. If you find out what vitamins and minerals you might be lessening in your diet while on these diets, take appropriate supplements, or eat other foods that supply those things.

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