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      I am high school student in M’sia and is interested in the field of Ecology but I wonder what are the jobs of an ecologist and the job opportunity, especially in Malaysia.
      I am worried that I could not survive with the certificate.
      Can anyone give me some advice?

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      ecology is the study of the environment where a plant live, will u can say that he is concern about the address of the plant. ecologist job is to study the environment where a plant live and use all possible way for the survival of plant.

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      Ecology deals with the study of organisms and their environment,i.e., their relation.

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      Ecology is such a complex word, you’ll not only study about the plants and animals but all the things that are in there even the chemicals that affect the environment. Also the cycles that is happening that makes changes in the ecosystem.

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      Ecological challenges of the future of mankind. Is the future career prospects. Ecological research to combine their hobby, knowledge, inspiration,

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      To reiterate what many have said…

      Ecology is the study of biotic (all the organisms (plants, animals, bacteria, etc) and their counterparts) and abiotic (non-living, such as the wind, wate, climate, cycles, etc) factors in an environment/ecosystem.

      But as Rihan says, it is a complex word and while it does mean that, there are many types of ecologist which can vary between each one.

      For a list of jobs, you can visit this site I found from google –

      This is another nice one – (An ecologist site dedicated to the field(s). This specific link is for exploring the many fields)

      There are potentially a few good jobs you could get with a cert, but the bulk would require degrees. With a cert, you may not be directly involved in the major part, but as an assistant or something else. Though it varies depending on who, where, etc.

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