What happens between decibel and human insulin?

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      Why are people afraid of Human Insulin War?

      The unified network of DNA profile and or genotype to a targeted population of human insulin is compromised by the conspiracy to invade the nitrogenous base of a specified pH scale in order to overthrow the permeable substrate of isotonic homology to a specified sensitivity zone of genome code.

      To overthrow the genome code is an attempt of the intruder to gain controlling asset of decibel transmission frequency to the specific pH scale.

      This act of insulin invasion by convention of decibel jamming, decibel chaffing, or decibel interception mentions how the common denominator of decibel frequency serves as the ground zero, or root order to the soluble diffusion of sound waves that trigger a reaction in the acidity resolution of the affected eco-system or insulin buffer by invading the sound barrier of the pH scale in order to seize control of the insulin-plate.

      Decibel generates sound wave synthesis that convect or transfer an atomic number that produce “Data Tones” at the carbon cycle of the affected pH scale that is being “jammed” by the decibel burn off rate.

      Decibel burn off rate affects the insulin or isotonic permeation of equilibrium transduction decipHering the capacity of neurotransmitters to carbon cycle .

      Decibel is the conductor of sound wave exchange for the reciprocal denominator of punctuated equilibrium to define the minimum and maximum immunity of ion recombination by convention of neurotransmitters.

      Dendrites are the subliminal tonicity of decibel sensitivity for defining the neuronal occupancy of a specified pH scale to its master or harness of concentration gradient for divisible neurotransmitter by soluble atomic number to root order of decibel ignition.

      Decibel homology is the soluble data tones of an eco-system and decibel is also the crypto of divisible genus.

      That is why censorship is a suspect, but freedom of speech will exploit the intruder.

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