What is the difference between using a BCP Agar Shake and a

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      Hi everyone!

      I am studying for a Bacteriology laboratory exam…

      I know that a Brom Cresol Purple (BCP) Agar shake is used to test for pH (ie, acid end products) as well as gaseous end products…
      As far as I know, Phenol Red Carbohydrate Broth also contains a pH indicator, as well as a Durham fermentation tube to capture gaseous output, and also contains a peptone and a carbohydrate.
      My question is what is the difference/is there an advantage in using one over the other? Or are they just two different ways to test for the same end processes and to test for bacteria being aerobic, anaerobic or facultative?

      Thanks for your help! 🙂

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      You’ve no answer as no one is familiar with the agar "shake" mentioned. I assume your ref to pH speakd to pH change due to microbial metabolism. We coud guess – but tell us – what is it?

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