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      Hello Biologists,

      I have stumbled across one of the dumbest questions that I have ever read. And the worst part, I CANT ANSWER IT!

      Q: you are studying protein synthesis in a cell. You have been able to determine very little about the process but have been able to determine that transcription and translation involving the same mRNA can’t occur at the same time. (OBVIOUSLY) What kind of cell are you studying?

      A: To me this is the dumbest question because OBVIOUSLY transcription and translation can’t occur simultaneously with the same mRNA, besides transcription and translation occur in two different places. However what kind of cell is this? IS THIS A TRICK QUESTION?!?!?! Every cell… could that be the correct answer?

      Thank you for your help.
      Newtobiology (and very confused)

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      Eukaryotic cell, in which transcription takes place in the nucleus, and translation usually occurs in the cytoplasm.

      Bacterial cells, which have no nucleus and can transcribe and translate as fast as the little ribosome complexes can attach to nascent mRNA.

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