What materials would need to utilize endocytosis?

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      Hi, everyone! Glad to have found this website. 😀

      I’ve been studying Biology on my own with an old second-hand textbook, and just finished a section that briefly mentioned endocytosis. The term and how it works (as well as how exocytosis) was explained just fine. The textbook merely doesn’t give an example of what sorts of materials would be so big that they’d need to enter the cell through endocytosis. Can anyone tell me about this?


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      Certain hormones, large polar molecules, certain solutes…

      Or in phagocytic cells (like macrophages/neutrophils/immune cells/APCs), cells often take up pathogens and invaders and foreign bodies through a form of endocytosis!

      Read some more at

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      lol do not read from wikipedia because anyone can add anything they like in there. Not a good reference if you want to know about things. i am just telling the fact. =)

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      Do read Wikipedia, just be careful if references are asked for.

      It’s like asking a random crowd for directions. Some will tell you the right route, others will lead you to Raccoon City.

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      Whenever I use wikipedia for a project/research/homework, I just use it to get an idea of the subject. Then I use that to direct me towards more legitimate sources of info (university sites, research papers, scientific journals, etc)

      Seriously though wikipedia is generally very reliable and has high quality control; the only articles you need to worry about being false due to someone editing are the ones about towns in the middle of nowhere or articles that nobody cares about.

      Things about biology, chemistry, countries, etc. are generally maintained very well.

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      agreed with Jammers.
      By the way, endocytosis and phagocytosis are not exactly the same thing. They have different mechanisms…

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