Biology Forum Community General Discussion What mechanism is responsible for sequencing of amino acid?

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      I don’t quite understand what it means by mechanism? The procedure of sequencing amino acid?

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      Do you mean tRNAs and translation? Each codon has its complementary anticodon and such… I think that’s what the question means. Hope that helps.

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      Translation like the above person said. Yes, tRNA, 70s Ribosome…WPA…methionine…anticodon pairs with codon…etc…etc…just read up on translation.

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      DNA transcribes information to protein RNA in the nucleus. The RNA chain leaves the nucleus like a snake and "meets" with a ribosome where it sets up in the ribosome like a tape going through a machine. Then other molecules in the cell, the transfer molecules (tRNA), bring corresponding amino acids to match each codon (a three letter code on the RNA chain). The RNA chain has only the codons, not the amino acids. The tRNA molecules have to bring a corresponding amino acid to match each codon on the RNA chain. The corresponding amino acid which is brought by the tRNA reacts chemically in the ribosome to form the peptide bond in the forming polypeptide chain of protein. Then there is a special codon which ends the process–can’t remember what it’s called off hand.

      There is a great video of this process– go to the biochemistry link under "themes" then the "protein translation" video.

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