What will happen to the cell?

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      A simple cell consists of cytoplasm and a plasma membrane. The cell has a volume of 2 nl (nanolitres) and contains .2M protein. The cell is then placed in a large volume of .2M urea (urea can cross the plasma membrane and enter the cell). What will happen to the cell for it to achieve equilibrium in this new environment, what will be the final osmolarity of the cell, and what will be the final volume of the cell?

      So does that mean that half of the urea will enter the cell, the cell will then grow (volume rise) so there is a equal molarity in and out of the cell? Or will no urea enter the cell because the molarity of particles in and out of the cell is equal?

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      hard to say, but I would guess urea entering the cell and as it has much smaller volume, the final concentration of urea should be 0.2M and thus the cell will uptake some water and probably rupture.
      However, I’m not sure, what part of it would be denaturation of the proteins and probably also of the membrane

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