Whats your favorite genre of music?

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      heavy metal, rock, punk rock….

      AFI, I am a devoted fan, I loved the killers before anyone knew who they were, but I like their older stuff better anyways, bullet for my valintine, my chemical romance, slipknot, disturbed, seether, saliva, murder dolls, rob zombie, fly leaf, kelly osbourne(dont judge! she sings papa dont preach better then madonna, Ive had a lot of old people/madonna fans listen to it and they like kelly’s version way better!), Jacks Mannequin, Hurt, oh I could go on forever….

      but dont expect me to comment on you country people. I get headaches from that. no lie. other people hate metal because it gives them headaches well, coountry does it for me. ugh.

      but lets not forget the oldies, billy idol, aerosmith, black bird by the beatles,rolling stones, behind blue eyes by the who………………..

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      Rock and roll.

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      So many of them, can’t leave the other one.

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