When is sterilization necessary?

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      Hey all,

      I was wondering when is sterilization necessary?

      I am working on a project that is analyzing the binding of a protein to a polymeric surface and was informed that it could simply be done in the chemical hood or the bench and not the biological hood. I wanted to know if it is commonly a problem for bacteria, fungi, etc. to attach and proliferate on surfaces (such as the polymeric surface) when not in sterilized conditions. In my project, no cells are involved but the Bradford method will be implemented to test for protein concentration and I’m concerned as to whether the presence of even a small amount of bacteria, fungi, etc. can affect my protein concentration readings since this study is not executed in sterile conditions.

      Also, the solution in which the protein is dissolved is PBS (pH 5 and 7).

      What are your thoughts?


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      There is no need for biohazard hood, this test can be done, out site in lab. but make sure that your regents are fresh and prepared in the wfi, if you filter it with 0.2 u filter it better


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