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      1) When they’re synthesized by cytosolic ribosomes?

      2) When they’re synthesized by ER bound ribosomes?

      So in (2), will the holoprotein travel through the Golgi for further modifications or will the individual subunits (or complexes of a few subunits) travel through it and then finally be brought together… where?

      Thanks in advance!
      – if you have any link references, please post 😉

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      protein can have the hydrolysis reaction.The hydrolysis reaction will happen through the stimulation of acid, alkali or enzyme
      and finally it become several kinds of amino acids. It is advised to find the breaking point of tissues when the protein is under the hydrolysis.
      It might be helpful for you. 🙂

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      I do not know the general answer. However for transcription factors which are active through their quaternary structure this quaternary structure can only be obtained when activation by signal transmission pathways is realized. I therefore assume that monomers are already synthetized and that their later activation will allow the quaternary structure to be formed.

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