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      Hi there biology experts,
      I found this tooth today while walking on a glacier in Austria (2500m) and I was wondering to which animal it might have belonged. As you can see, it’s quite big and sharp, so I don’t think it belonged to the usual herbivore animals that you’d find there, but I could be wrong, of course. It’d be lovely if one of you biology tooth fairies out there could help me out, I’m quite curious! Thank you for your time.

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      It looks like a sharks tooth. Is it flattened with two sharp edges? It looks to be. What a shark was doing on top of a mountain is a bit of a mystery, but then things found in glaciers tend to be thousands of years old and still very fresh looking.

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      Yes it looks like a shark tooth, a ripping/ tearing tooth, not a tooth of a herbivorous animal.

      It is not from the ancient megalodon I don’t think as no serrations .

      It does not look as though it has completely fossilized.

      It could be a semi fossilized tooth of an ancient now extinct Mako shark, I think this particular species was world wide (maybe)

      It was on top of the mountain maybe because the top of the mountain was once the sea floor and as you know glaciers move and it could of been carried down from the top, the movement of the glacier has disturbed it and brought it to the surface, any signs of sea shells on the hike?

      Anyway I am only guessing but that is certainly what it looks like, excellent find though none the less.

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