Which is best? Biology or Chemistry or Physics

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      Can we have a talk on which of these three parts of science is better?

      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Physics

      What’s your favourite?
      Which’s easy to learn?
      Which is more advantagable?

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      That all depends on who you ask. Most people here will probably tell you, that Biology is easiest and favourite (except scottie, he’s some sort of engineer:)

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      quote JackBean:

      That all depends on who you ask. Most people here will probably tell you, that Biology is easiest and favourite (except scottie, he’s some sort of engineer:)

      Thank you for repling me. 🙂

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      On here, most will say biology, and I agree. But this is all a matter of opinion. As for as importance, each is equally important when studying and such. For example, chemistry is a HUGE part of biology.
      But as an opinion, Bio’s better.

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      you cannot say which is better, all of those branches are indeed important, you cannot compare..what matter is–what is interesting to you..

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      I’ll go for biology and chemistry; studying the cycle of life and what are the things to sustain it is a good combination.

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      I would say that I find chemistry to be the easiest science and physics to be the most challenging.

      I think that chemistry is possibly the most "important" as such, because it is relevant in both biology and physics.

      But I love biology (especially cell and molecular biology) because I personally find it really fascinating and enjoyable, and I have done since I was about 11.

      I enjoy all three sciences, but not physics so much, because of the mathematics involved :/

      It is all down to personal opinion really.

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      How good are you with advanced mathematics? Do you enjoy mathematic proofs? Are you, or could you be skilled at using the language of mathematics to express ideas and prove ideas? It is a language of sorts after all, which becomes more and more misunderstood by the majority of people the more advanced your understanding of it becomes. If you aren’t willing to work much with mathematics, physics will be hard for you.
      Both physics and chemistry come into play with advanced biology.
      Biology is usually a required subject for chem majors, and certainly before biochemistry can be studied. Biologists have to study chemistry and biochemistry too. Human physiology delves a bit into physics also.
      So your question which is the best is moot, as one can’t function without the other. (even astronomy, heavy in physics and math, or advanced physics cannot function or exist without the human, ha ha, who is a biological, chemical, organism)
      But I hope my notes here have helped you decide which is best for YOU.

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      I did A level maths and a little bit at Uni :/ – I could do it well, but found it slightly tedious. However, I know many mathematics enthusiasts, so it is really down to personal opinion.

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      According to me Biology is the best subject ,easy to learn and useful for us.Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.

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      According to Chemistry is best rether then other .

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      You see,, Chemistry and Biology are connected,–so both are important, the Question is, which of the two is most interesting you. Physics is important as well

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      Is difficult to isolate the importance of the subject. The man use the classification artificially. For Nature it does not matter: physics, chemistry or biology – for it all this is one organic whole. Therefore a true researcher must be competent in all things.

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      Biology and Physics,both are my favorite subjects.But mostly like to read biology.Really helpful to read about traditional, underpinning topics such as animal and plant systematic and relationships, with modern developments and techniques in all spheres of biology, from the molecular and cellular to the whole organismic and ecological.

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      Well definitely not physics xD

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      Well these all depends upon your interest that what attract you most. A quote regarding this that one man’s fantasy is other man’s creep so it is hard to say what would be the best among these subjects as they all have their own importance.

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      I prefer Chemistry to Biology and Physics.

      For me Chemistry stayed Chemistry…same principles still applied and while the material did change, I found it easy to understand.

      Physics,well…I really enjoyed Physics. Circuits and Space really intrigued me…A level Physics felt like Additional Mechanics (Add Maths = additional Pure), but since I wasn’t also doing Maths it took me a while to get into it.

      Biology focused less on the Cellular level with cycles, structure genetics etc, and moved into essay intense subjects like Ecology (bane of my life for A levels). It felt more like English Literature than Biology.

      Didn’t stop me doing a Pharmaceutical based degree, which involved all three… but thankfully the only physics was really the Gas Laws for aerosolized compounds.

      I still am interested in microbiology, specifically virology and bacteriology, as these relate to what I hope to achieve (deal with) with Pharmaceuticals. Physics papers I cannot read for too long before headaches ensue…but I read physics articles.

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      I think that each of these is worthy to be studied, especially if you enjoy them! As I said, I always preferred Chemistry and Biology, even though I was extremely close to dropping Chemistry at the end of my GCSE’s.

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      Biology,Chemistry and Physics three are important for everyone. Chemistry and Bio is must for medical students. Biology become best among all..

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      In my personal opinion, Chemistry is the easiest if you neglect lengthy reactions. 😀 😀

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      Jokes apart. The easiest subject for you is the subject in which you feel comfortable reading. For me, Physics is easy because I love to read what are the forces which are actually working in the universe and our earth. So I feel motivated while studying Physics. For others, Physics can be a nightmare as well. Same goes for Biology and Chemistry. This problem is faced by many students who are preparing for some competitive exams like NEET Exam, JIPMER, AIIMS etc. in which questions are asked on all the three subjects. So, students mainly get confused about which subject to go after. For exams like neet and all, biology is the main subject and trust me, biology is much easier than physics. So, the difficulty level goes like

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