Why coniferophyta called sporophyte?

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      As we know, spores are those ”seeds” produce by mushroom or mucor. And spores are techniquely small and unseen by naked eye. But aren’t seeds produced by conifer plants just too big to be "sporo"phyte? Why don’t something like "seedo"phyte is called instead? ❓

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      No, seeds are not spores. The tree itself is the sporophyte generation. It is called a sporophyte because it produces spores, not because it is a spore. It produces microspores, which are part of the pollen grain, and megaspores, which develop into the egg, antipodal cells, polar nuclei, and synergids. The seed is simply a structure, derived from the ovule, specific to vascular seed plants that houses the multicellular embryos of sporophytes.

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