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      why is genetic polymorphism important to evolution?
      1.individual variability provides the raw material for natural selection to act on
      2.genes cant mutate unless they are polymorphic
      3.only heterozygous individuals are selected in natural populations
      4. the hardy weinberg equilibrium is less likely to be disturbed in polymorphic population
      5. none of the above; genetic polymorphism is not important to evolution

      in a population of wildflowers, the frequency of the alle for the red flowers was 0.8 what was the frequency of the white allele the only other allele for flower color?

      it is .2?

      refer to the question above what is the frequency of homozygous white flower plants in the population?
      1. .04
      2. .16
      3. .32
      4. .48
      5. .64

      refer to the question above what is the frequency of the plants in the population that are heterozygous for flower color?
      1. .04
      2. .16
      3. .32
      4. .48
      5. .64

      a virus killed most of the seals in the north sea eg. dropped the population from 8000 to 800. in an effort to help preserve the species scientists caught 20 seals and used them to start a new population in the northwest pacific ocean. what of the following factors would most likely have the least impact in this new population?
      1. founder principle
      2. random mating
      3.genetic drift
      4.bottleneck effect

      does inbreeding occur in plants?

      an individual of which of the following species is likely to have the highest level of heterozygous genes?
      1. fish
      2.land snail
      3. self pollinating plant
      4. bird
      5. mammal

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      People here tend not to answer homework questions. Maybe rephrase it so they can answer the questions in a way that will help you understand and complete your own homework.

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      We do not “tend” not to answer to homework, it is one of our “commandments”. 😈
      And double posting is a crime punished by the erasing of one of the 2 posts (the one without answer).

      BUT if you suggest your answers, with a tentative explanation of why you thought it is the good one, we will gladly comment and help. I can tell you for example that AFAIK your only suggested answer is good 🙂
      With those 2 values you can draw your Punnet square and calculate the frequency of each combination (compared to the .5/.5 that gives you .é( of each homrozygote and .5 of heterozygote you just make the calculation with the frequences you have here…) 8)

      Some other just require you to read your text book… As for the rest, I guess that our dictionnary may help you understand the different possible answers and then make the best choice.

      Good Luck


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