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      In Hindu religion after death during the funeral the body is cremated in electrical oven or fire, but the bell button doesn’t seem to burn at any temperature why is that? To understand that let’s start at the beginning. Two energy’s positive and negative, when the two types of energy’s come closer inside the mother’s womb they create a fusion but immediately one small particle covers that energy to stop the fusion and the energy that is captured turns into muscles. Energy always creates something if it has come from a human it will create a human if it came from an animal it will create that type of animals, but that energy is so small, it cannot create anything properly itself, so one chord is coming from the mother’s belly button and joins the muscle and starts to give it enough energy to properly create something. When that muscle is finished creating the living thing it comes out of the mother’s body then we notice the chord was connected to the new born’ belly button. Immediately the chord is disconnected which came from the mother’s body. Therefore, we can assume the belly button is where the energy is stored, from that energy (power station) out whole body machinery gets its energy. We eat to energize the belly button (power station). From the beginning to the end the muscle is covering the initial energy, which is why it is energy prove. Therefore, this muscle cannot be destroyed from heat or fire, but if you bury it, it will dissolve within few days, why because it is energy prove but from chemically prove. This I why the belly button cannot be burned.

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