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      A curious comparison came to my attention recently and I’m in dire need of any scientific research proven evidence to help me confirm a particular issue.
      You see, knowing how many diseases us humans have, and how cutoff from nature we’ve become with civilization, I pretty much started wondering if the same amount of diseases could be applied to non-domesticated wild living animals. By non-domesticated, I also mean zoo animals, and wild animals living close to human areas with risk of exposure to man-made products.

      Here’s what I got:

      Wild Animal diseases:
      (not very reliable as some links are missing, but checking shows most of these diseases are related to either domesticated or semi-wild animals in close contact to human areas.)
      (possible result of man-made product exposure?)

      Human diseases:

      So my big question is:
      What else do we know of Wild Animal Diseases that could outweigh or equalize to what we know about Human Diseases?

      You see I haven’t yet been able to assemble a cohesive list of wild animal diseases as easily as I have with human diseases, and that fact makes me wonder furthermore.

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      Wild animals as far as I know are rife with parasites and infectious diseases, hence the problems that some countries have with the commercialization of wild game. However I do not have a list available. Try to see if some university with a vet school could help. But they are of course mainly concerned with the domesticated animals…

      But I sense that you link our the human "cut-offness" with nature with an increase in disease, and would like to remind you that in general the human species has never been as healthy as it is now.

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