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      Hi, I am working on a Composition class paper about beauty and media. I wanted to make a comparison to the animal kingdom.

      In what species does the female have to flaunt her junk. Something other than the female baboon butt turning red. 😳


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      In pretty much all species that’s a factor. The healthiest looking females are most likely to be healthy, and thus bring the healthiest next generation possible into the world. The strongest and healthiest males try to claim those females for the same reason.

      If you want a specific example of this, look at pack behavior in wolves. The alpha male takes the ‘best’ female for himself, and the other wolves have to make do.

      And as for things like the baboon’s butt turning red, that’s not a sign of attractiveness in the individual, but rather a sign that she’s in heat and ready to mate.

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      I think OP might be interested in female displays of courtship?

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