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      I’m not sure if I’m using the right term here, but I sometimes get circle wounds inside my mouth. Can somebody please explain for me why we humans get this?
      It also hurts when in touched with other liquid. Must be dangerous when in contact with tootpaste 😯

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      I often get the samethings too, but i heals very quickly, here check this link mouth ulcer
      Hope it helps. 😀

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      I sometimes have something similar. If it the same thing i have, it will go away soon

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      That site didn’t tell why canker sores appears in our mouth 🙁

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      A doctor told me that they usually appear because of lack of vitamins. I don’t exactly remember which vitamin.

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      @poison: u were right about the vitamin thing, several vitamins are involved.

      Here are some other factors>>>

      Several factors that seem to trigger outbreaks of canker sores have been identified. Any one or a combination of the following items may play a significant role in the formation of canker sores for any one individual:

      Toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

      Research suggests that a person’s use of products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate (“SLS”), a foaming agent found in most toothpaste and mouthwash formulations, can cause an increased recurrence rate of canker sores. This is probably due to a drying effect SLS has on the protective surface of oral tissues. Once this protective layer has been compromised the tissue underneath is more vulnerable to irritants such as acidic foods.
      Several studies have reported that participants who brushed with a toothpaste that was SLS free found that they experienced a reduction in the number of canker sores that formed. This reduction was found to be 81% in one study. In this same study some of the participants reported that the canker sores that did form were less painful than those that developed during those time periods when they had been using a toothpaste that did contain SLS.

      Mechanical trauma.

      People will often recall some sort of trauma preceding the formation of their canker sores. This trauma might take the form of a self-inflicted bite, irritation from a sharp tooth, or possibly trauma from some type of food such as a crisp chip. 38% of the participants of one study felt that their canker sores were precipitated by trauma.
      Emotional stress / Psychic stress.
      Psychological stress has been shown to adversely affect the health of people in a number of ways. Many people who suffer from canker sores will frequently report that the timing of their ulcers coincide with periods of stress.

      Nutritional deficiencies.

      Researchers have discovered that some people who suffer from canker sores have an underlying nutritional deficiency. Some of the nutritional deficiencies that have been correlated with the presence of canker sores are:
      Vitamin deficiencies: B1, B2, B6, B12, C
      Other nutrients: zinc, folic acid, iron, selenium, calcium

      Allergies and sensitivities.

      Allergies to foods and other substances have been postulated as being a trigger for canker sore breakouts. Any substance that comes into contact with the person’s oral tissues must be considered a potential causative agent. If an allergy is suspected the individual might choose to maintain a diary so to help them and their dentist identify the most likely candidates associated with the causation of their sores. In some cases allergy testing might be considered.
      Some of the substances identified by researchers as being potential triggers for canker sore outbreaks are:
      Cereal grains: buckwheat, wheat, oats, rye, barley, the gluten protein found in grains
      Fruits and vegetables: lemons, oranges, pineapples, apples, figs, tomatoes, strawberries
      Dairy: milk, cheeses
      Other foods: nuts, chocolate, shellfish, soy, vinegar, French mustard
      Additives: cinnamonaldehyde (a flavoring agent), benzoic acid (a preservative)
      Other substances: toothpastes, mints, gums, dental materials, metals, medications

      Hormonal changes.

      Some women have reported that they find a relationship between the presence of canker sores and certain phases of their menstrual period. It has also been reported that a woman may notice a remission of canker sores during pregnancy. Neither of these observations has been adequately documented or explained by research.


      Some researchers have felt that they have identified a genetic predisposition for canker sores. One study found that 35% of those persons who experience canker sores have at least one parent who suffers from these ulcers also. Another study found that 91% of identical twins both suffered from canker sores whereas only 57% of fraternal twins did.

      Infectious agents (both bacterial and viral).

      The fact that substances characteristic of bacterial and viral infections have been isolated from canker sores suggests that bacteria or viruses could be causative in the formation of these mouth ulcers.

      Medical conditions.

      Several different medical conditions can be associated with the presence of canker sores (and other forms of aphthous ulcers as well). For those patients who experience persistent difficulties with canker sores consideration must be given to the presence of an underlying undiagnosed systemic disease and the need for an evaluation and testing by a physician.
      A few of the medical conditions that have been associated with the presence of these ulcers are: Behcet’s disease, neutrophil dysfunction diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases (celiac and Crohn’s), and HIV-AIDS.


      Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), beta blockers, chemotherapeutic agents, and nicorandil have each been reported as possibly having a relationship with outbreaks of canker sores.

      taken from: … es.htm#sls

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      my parents have said that it arises from eating too much fried foods, I think it might be true because it seems to somehow coincide. Anyone wanna try it? it starts with a sore throat then sores appear.

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      You know a lot KaylethGrey. Good info. 🙂

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      someone once told me that canker sores came from having a high body temperature and from eating too much spicy food…but that’s just guesswork.

      @ poison:
      thanx. 🙂

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      Oh my god! I eat spicy food almost everyday! 😯

      Heheheh 8)

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      it is not proven, its just what people say…kinda like how people say that you can get a sore throat from eating ice cream in cold weather.

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      Swish some vinegar around in your mouth. It won’t hurt, but it will denature the viruses in the sore to make the sore stop hurting.

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      I’ve just come across a section on mouth ulcers as part of my reading for my project.
      -Caused by such factors as trauma, chemicals, infections, immunological disorders or neoplasms (i’ve no idea what they are?:)

      – Aspirin is known to impair musocal defences and tissue repair. Aspirin delays healing of oral mucosal ulcers by amplification of apoptosis and inhibition of cell proliferation. So don’t take aspirin if you have a mouth ulcer. (unless you have to:)

      Theres some other information but I don’t understand it…

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      quote biostudent84:

      Swish some vinegar around in your mouth. It won’t hurt, but it will denature the viruses in the sore to make the sore stop hurting.

      What do you mean by swish? Just a quick splash with vinegar on it?

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      it means like put some vinegar in your mouth swirl it around in there. Like how you would rinse out your mouth with water after you brush your teeth.

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      you should never swish plain vinegar around in your mouth because it is so bad for the teeth. Vinegar will eat the calcium off your teeth. You may be allegeric to something you are eating…… tomatoes. Figuring that part out may take you some time but until you do if you want a mouth rinse use salt water. You can even use hydrogen peroxide with a little water to dilute it, but never use plain vinegar.

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      Two things : 1. the canker sores and such virus’ are caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C, which helps immunity.
      2. Vinegar is a horrible alternative to clean your mouth when compared to something like listerine, which is harmless and effective in killing bacteria.

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      Listerine is an okay choice but your dentist will tell you it has to much alcohol in it and will dry out your mouth which is never a good thing.

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      The simple thing is brush your teeth correctly and regularly after each meal and before go to bed 😉 If you don’t do this, a tooth fairy will appear in your dream to pull out your teeth one by one 😀

      Ahahaha… I remember my parents always tell me this when I was a little child. Thanks that I never have a problem with my mouth and teeth now 😉

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      quote Dr.Stein:

      The simple thing is brush your teeth correctly and regularly after each meal and before go to bed 😉 If you don’t do this, a tooth fairy will appear in your dream to pull out your teeth one by one 😀

      I’ll explain it in a simple words….the tooth fairies’ name are Gingivitis and Periodontis…. 😆 😀

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      In Indonesia those fairies named “setan ompong” 😆 😆

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      In the United States we package those things in pretty, shiney wrappers for children to eat called candy. Also in aluminum and plastic containers called soda or depending on your location “pop” or “coke”.

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      Im no biologist, but I can tell you that a cure for canker sores is sauerkraut. I know this sounds unusual, but it works. If you do not like it, maybe just eat some cabbage.


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