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      Hi, I am a chemistry b.s. transitioning into biology doing a post bac
      internship in genetics and have been given a very simple and general
      assignments but I have no idea of which resources to utilize. I have
      almost no background in biology informatics (can do protein blast,
      played around with genevestigator, but that’s all–totally willing to

      I am not asking for somebody to do my assignment, obviously– I just
      need pointers on where to find that information to write the aritcle
      and how to use them.

      My assignment is to generate a short aritcle on the gene family in
      which the Arabidopsis gene At3g53990 is one of the members,

      — discovery of this gene family
      –Definition of this gene family (conserved domain, key residues, etc.
      –Overview of known functions of this gene family in other organisms
      —Overview of this gene family in plants (homologues, expression,
      functions, etc.)

      Where would I start? I tried googling but I don’t understand many of
      the webistes that list information. Would this part of the Universal
      Stress protein family? What about gene family?
      So confused..! 🙂

      Thanks so much everybody!

      –Anybody have an links to websitse showing me how to use genevestiragor, blast, etc?

      I can play around on them, but I haven’t idea about how to read the chart, what ocrrelates to what, etc.

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      all you need is at http://www.pubmed.com
      there find some homologues, how are they called etc. You can also find articles refering directly to your gene. Further you can find additional articles about your gene/protein family.

      I’m sure they have both FAQs on their web sites

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