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      I’m 16, a senior in high school, and every day I imagine the life I want to create for myself, but there’s so much to know.

      I want to go to school for zoology. I’ve done well in science and math my whole life, and I love animals, especially turtles and tortoises. I’ve looked all over the Internet for what zoologist actually do, but the descriptions are all so general and incoherent.

      With that being said, does anyone know what a zoologist actually does? The reason I’d like to know is because I know what I want, I just don’t know if I’m going the right direction.

      If I could pick an "ideal situation", I’d be the head of some turtle and tortoise conservation program at a zoo. I’d be involved in everything from laying out breeding plans to creating and preparing diets to doing research and even cleaning up after the animals. Additionally, I would like to publish books on the findings.

      There are a few things that make me especially skeptical.

      1. Is this even a possible job for a zoologist? Like I said, there isn’t much useful information about it on the Internet.

      2. Anyone know anything about salaries? I’d start as an entry level zoologist with bachelors degree, and then move onto Masters, and eventually a doctorate. I know this kind of profession should be fueled by love for animals, and that’s why I want to do it, but I’m not interested in earning a low salary. If that’s the case, I’ll just work in a different profession and work privately with turtles and tortoises on the side.

      3. Ability to "climb the ladder"? Not only in salary, but also posturing.

      4. Other job possibilities for a zoologist?

      5. If my idea of zoology is horribly inaccurate, what should I pursue.

      That’s all I think. I should also mention that I’m not interested in being a zookeeper, so don’t say it. Like I said, I want an at least medium level salary, and zookeepers don’t get that. Thanks.

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      Zoology is a branch of biology that is focused on the study of animals is studied.
      It includes animal behaviour, animal nutrition, physiology, embryology, & various other aspects of animal life.
      This is a very diverse field of study. After a lot of discoveries & studies already done on animals ,this field has evolved to include various other micro-level studies under it .Today a zoologist not only studies animal life which includes: biodiversity, chordate, nonchordate studies, anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, and immunology but also cytology, genetics & molecular biology.

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      Your "dream" job description is working as a professional zookeeper. Specifically, a specialist in the husbandry of zoo animals. Those positions are not abundant. They are highly specialized and in most cases require a high degree of training and experience.

      You might want to broaden your aspirations to include Wildlife Biology. Those positions occur at both the federal and state government level. Good luck.

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