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      Hey, I am 16 years old, and I never had a boyfriend, so never had sex, at least I hope not, if so, I don’t remember.
      I should be on my 3rd day of period, the first day was the only time i was bleeding, n nothing else is coming out for yesterday and this whole day. plus its early.. few months its been coming on the 4th, it started on the 27th of this month, janurary. Any Idea’s?

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      meet a doctor

      do it urgently
      a gynach would be more helpful
      tell your parents too

      none will gobble you up..

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      there could be many reasons for this. going to a doctor will answer most of the questions you are asking yourself. since you have ruled out the possibility of pregnancy, then you need to look at other reasons: not an established period yet/hormones are still trying to be produced/bodyfat too low to establish the period/spotting before the period (early) is typical for some/growths on your ovaries or tubes can cause havoc/many other examples. If in doubt, get it checked out. Be responsible to know your own body and treat it as you would any other body part.

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      Well I would like to avoid the doctor if possible, we don’t have much money, I have been stressed lately and haven’t been eating as much as I should, If that can affect it. And maybe drink more water too. I think I’ll wait and see what happens on the day of which I’m supposed to hit a period. Because its only been a couple days. Thanks for your guys help.

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      Been there, done that. Stress plays a big part in starting. It is a good idea to see if it starts when it is suppose to. But I want to emphasize a point that if there is any pain involved, then you need to go to the doctor. Or if this keeps on happening month after month.

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      There is absolutely no pain involved, don’t think i had one cramp. so if it keep happening month after month I will go in. Thanks 😀

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      its your wish

      but it could be too late, perhaps. also
      can’t be of any more help. sorry

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      im new to this.

      i kinda need some help. 🙁

      For the past two months i’ve had a one day period- fairly light bleeding with a bit of cramp.

      i did have a lot of nausea whilst i was on for the day.

      i am 18 year old and i have been living with my fella for 2 years- we do have a fair amount of sex but im on Birth Control.

      any reason for me to be having one day periods?

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      It is probably a case Hematoma nonvirgo. Can be fatal if you do not act quickly. First change your diet and limit meat to canned unicorn and take at least 3 times a day some 200CC Great wall of China.

      Or NOT. If fact, do not follow that advice. Do not search for diagnostic on the internet you might get some wacky responses that could actually harm you or delay the moment you go and seek qualified help.
      Your GP should be your first port of call, but I am sure there are some women/sexual health clinic available through the NHS that could provide help and qualified advice. Go there. Talk to a real doctor, and you will know if you need to worry or not. And even if there is a problem, you will be in the hand of people that can actually help you.

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      i’ve talked to my doctor and they just said that i should wait to see if the rest of my period comes though out the month & it did last month and this month.

      i’ve already been tested for STD/STI’s & im clear, i have never had anything 🙂

      Nipples are fair sore today-

      Boyfriend keeps joking that im pregnant.

      Its not funny :’)

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      *Didn’t this month or last month.

      I saw them last month.

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      well, the idea of living with your boyfriend AND not expecting to be pregnant makes it funny…

      no offense, I m just not used to the custom, Im a conservative.

      Well hormones can be unpredictable right. Just go back to the doctor, youve already had enough wait-n-see anyway.

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      It could have just been an month where none of the developing follicles actually ovulated.

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      what you mean your not used to the custom?
      what custom is it?

      I have an appointment tommorrow.

      i will post he response 🙂

      FYI- were not the usual type of teenagers, we both have jobs and support ourselves, we pay our own rent, electric, gas etc ourselves.

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      when periods start
      it happens!!!!!
      actually my doc said that first two years of periodz there is some problems
      so just relax and consult your docter

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      i’ve had a consistent period for 5 years (:

      & it turns out im pregnant (:

      & me and my boyfriend are stronger than ever 🙂 xxxx

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      Good Luck.
      And stock on sleep while you still can. 🙂

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      see?? Well congratulation on your pregnancy, hope you guys made it as great parents

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      you r right
      she should go to her doc

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