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      Of course we need evidence that evolution is actually happening, and there is… 6 sources of evidence that evolution is in fact true:

      1. Biogeography: the study of the geographical distribution of species and their evolutionary relationships. Species appear to have colonized island habitats from mainland areas and then been modified by natural selection.

      2. Fossil Record: the fossilized remains of organisms provide a historical record of life on earth. Reveals the vast time scale over which the process of evolution has occured.

      3. Homology: structures in closely-related species have been a similar underlying structure that appears to have been modified by natural selection in different environments

      4. Analogy: Structures in distanly-related species have no similarity in underlying structure but have a similar function. These structures appear to have evolved under natural selection in similar environments.

      5. Embryology: similarities and differences in embryological stages indicate evolutionary relationships among organisms.

      6. Molecular biology: similarities and differences in the structures of DNA and protein indicate evolutionary relationships among organisms.

      So yes, there it is… can’t really argue against that plethora of evidence… evolution happened.

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      I just want to place a few criticisms concerning this post (not saying its wrong, just my nitty-gritty self trying to be all technical and precise)

      bullet #6 and bullet #3 does seem to suggest that there is an evolutionary relationship between species (after all, if God made the world, is it reasonable to assume that he would use similar parts and building blocks to perform different specialized functions?)

      bullet #4 however is not an evidence of evolution but is rather is a possible explanation for the distant phylogetic relationship between similarly-morphological species. It, in fact, could be used by creationist to support their view (after all if homology suggests evolutionary relationships, does not analogy seemingly oppose it?)

      bullet #2 in and of itself does not unrefutably suggest a vast time scale. The vast time time scale is, actually, determined by the dating of volcanic layers in between each layer fossil. In fact, i have heard some creation-promoters argue that the vast collection of fossils suggests the occurance of a major flood(which, ofcourse, they suggest is the God sent noah’s flood)

      bullet #1 definitely seems to suggests the occurance of evolution (i don’t have any background in this area so i may be wrong)

      bullet #5 – just in my personal opinion – could go both ways. I dunno, just the idea that this piece of evidence was popularized by Hackel’s fake drawings makes me wonder whether it should be widely used as evidence for evolution. Some look at the embryonic stages and find striking similarities while others look at them and find little similarities if any at all. Its all in the eyes of the individual i guess.

      feel free to comment or criticize. im not a certified biologists so i may be wrong in some of these aspects.

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      I think it’s funny when creationists keep trying to imagine how God would work if he was an engineer. I think if you compare life to real world engineering principles you’d find a lot of discrepancies. For one, there is no perfect set of engineering rules. Do we want modularity or efficiency? Do we want longevity or effectiveness? But ask any engineer and they’ll probably tell you there’s ways to improve on the human body.

      Recently in my bioengineering class, we discussed arterosclerosis. Basically you have macrophages being dumb and trying to help but instead dying and accumulating at the site. You could argue that, oh that’s because we weren’t designed to subsist on high fat diets. Engineers would tell you that’s a lack of foresight. High rise buildings routinely use structural components designed to withstand loads up to 100 times the normal load–why? because lives are at stake.

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