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      maybe we won’t be all brown

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      Damn, it’s been removed. I reckon God’s finally gettin pissed of that we aren’t giving him the props he deserves for sitting around for seven whole days and working out how many limbs, lungs, eyes etc. that every species on this planet should have, and he’s taking steps to get rid of evolutionist propaganda… Or maybe there’s a problem with the server or something. I don’t know, I’m a biology geek, not a computer geek.

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      boo for censorship!

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      charles brough
      quote mith:

      maybe we won’t be all brown

      The link is another of the misleading science articles that infer or imply that continued biological evolution explains "progress" (the increase in the human cultural heritage and in his numbers).

      Despite all the glowing accounts and hyper enthusiasm, they can and do link nothing to "progress" and only show slight changes among different races. This is the old racist Social Darwinism nonesense. The races evolving does not explain social evolution!

      Social evolution is the natural selection process that has been underway for a hundred thousand years between our religio-ideological systems. Right now, the natural selection process involves Secular Humanism and the older religious systems of the world. The outcome will determined the fate of mankind.

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      God continually works on creation, masterfully designing each of his works

      God is the author of all sciences

      and man have grasped but has not permeate its realm

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