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      hi all,
      i recently decided on a career change and am looking for some advice on what courses to choose for next term. herpetology is probably what id like to do most so im guessing from what iv read so far online that evolutionary biology is the way to go??

      i never done biology at school, infact i done standard science and wasnt really that interested nor good to be honest, which obviously i regret now…

      my problem is, when i look at the courses (telford college in edinburgh) the only thing i can see is the higher biology and i wouldnt qualify without my standard grade in biology.

      iv never been to college or uni before so go easy on me here lol but shouldnt there be a course for dummies like me at telford to get me entry to the highers etc, or did i miss the boat by not doing it at school?

      any help would be amazing!

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      If you think you would like to work with animals, you might want to consider veterinary technology.

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