Any Microbiologists here?

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      Hi! So, I’m really interested in Evolution (Thanks to Richard Dawkins and Ernst Mayr) and am interested in becoming a Biologist…right now I’m leaning towards Microbiology…So I thought I’d ask some Microbiologist why they choose the field of Microbiology as opposed to another field of Biology….


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      Hell, proists don’t have a nucleus, and yet we still haven’t been able to figure out completely how they work, so I’d rather start from simple, before even starting to try to understand anything about those damn eucaryotes 😉

      More seriously, although simple models make one’s life easier, I have to say that the diversity of fields that can be approached through microbiology (environment, ecology, medical,…), the diversity of the microbes themselves and the range of things that they can do made me chose micro biology without hesitations. I feel that this answer is not necessarily very clear, but I am ready to explain a little better on request, and if I have more time.

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      I must admit I wasn’t as informed as I could have been when deciding on Microbial Sciences as a degree. I am glad I did though as there is a wealth of undiscovered information to keep life interesting and always a new strain of a deadly bacteria in the news to keep us on our toes (does that sound sadistic?).

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