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      Anyone know any examples of phylogenetic behaviour that have changed through evolution? For example social stuctures in primates have changed over the years because of evolution. Some are very social species living in groups, while others are not social but still live in groups and others are social living in a hierarchical stucture, ie 1 leader, 2 assistance.

      There are other behavioural evolution forms that has changed over the years, bats have different types of ears, some are very sensitive and have evolved as an echo form, picking up small vibrartions, while other ears have evolved to pick up small frequencey of vibration and used that as a form of sensory vision ie they are pretty much blind and use thier ears to get a picture of there surrounding environment by bouncing waves back and form. Others have developed their ears as a hunting weapon using it too pick up movment and can ever tell the what size prey are avilable and how fast they are going.

      Anymore phylogenetic behaviour u guys can think of??

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      Yawning … 001320;p=1

      When dogs sleep they usually circle around as if to trample down a good “bed”.

      The way birds feed by regurgiation especially storks.

      Mating behavior(almost all species have some sort).

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