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      I’m enrolled in an AP Bio class. I’m only a sophmore and I have never taken a Chemistry class so this course will be very difficult for me.

      This is my first assignment: Write an essay about 5 chemical and physical properties of water that make it a suitable medium for life.

      Here are my 5 properties of water:

      1) it’s a universal solvent (except for lipids)
      2) can dissociate into hydroxide and hydronium
      3) it’s a polar molecule
      4) its solid form is less dense than its liquid form (ice floats)
      5) water has high specific heat

      Water is also adhesive/cohesive, however, I have already listed 5. I want to know if these are appropriate/ acceptable properties of water for my essay. Which should remove and what else should I add?

      Also, how can I go about to solve/approach this question to make a strong but concise essay?

      Thank you for your time and help in advance! 😀

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      well nothing of what u write is wrong. Water has one of the highest (the highest?) specific heat capacities. How much work are u going to spend writing this essay, are u going to explain what dipolar means and how it forms and why it has high heat capacity and so on? I think u have more then enough material.

      Good luck

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      thanks alot Oppox! 😀

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      if i were you i would maybe change the third point for that adhesive property (because you’ve already mentioned what properties are connected with its polarity in the first 2 points).. but that’s just my opinion;)

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      oo, okay, thanks for that on fluk.

      Now what I’m really worried about is how I can start this essay. Can anyone help?

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      this may help you:

      hope you can start your essay now…:D

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