Biology Forum Cell Biology Areas of the body where cell division is most rapid?

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      I’m learning about cell division, mitosis, meiosis etc. I’ve been reading my chapter and this is a question that came up in it. I’ve been trying to find it in the book, and same with online, but can’t really come up with a good answer. Is there anyone that can steer me in the right direction? It’s also asking about comparing the cell specialization levels as well in those areas. I know cell specialization lowers the amount of times a cell will reproduce.

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      Well, the bone marrow produces 2.5 milion red blood cells/second. Do you think that is fast? You decide. Also the bottom layer of the epidermus produces new cells continuosly via mitosis. Other organs, like the brain has cells that almost never reproduce(neuron). Muscles also don’t go through cell division. Any help?

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      Yes, however I think he wants me to explain why those areas are one of the fastest. I will type out the question as it is exactly stated.

      List areas of the body where you think cell division is most rapid. Also, indicate the comparative level of specialization of the cells in each area. Explain your predictions.

      I think that he wants maybe 2 sites listed, and then to list why those sites grow so quickly. I guess bone marrow does it because red blood cells only live 20-120 days, and there are 25 trillion red blood cells in your body.

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      epidermal cells such as the colon lining and skin shed around every week.

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      you got that right. Also the skin exfoliates around every week, as mith said, due to environment factors. So, you need to replac them

      PS: I never actually wondered how many RBC are there in the human body…

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