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      Hi there,

      I have an assignment that I’m working on that requires a good understanding of what happens when all of the cells in your body suffer arrested mitosis. I’m having trouble finding enough sites to truly understand what it means or what would happen and hoping someone might be able to explain it better to me? Thank you very much for your time!

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      i think short term effects will be rather small, while long-term effects will definitely lead to the organisms dead. Arrested mitosis means that tissue regeneration by stem cells will be impaired and this will first affect all tissues with a high cellular turn-over like the mucosal surfaces or the (red) blood cells. So one will be faced with major skin/ intestinal problems or anemia. Later on also other tissues will be damaged by missing renewal. However i don’t know if there are some other immediate effects also for non-dividing cells. Probably from a medial point of view the situation is far more complex. Hope it helped you somehow!

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      Thank you Sorin, I really appreciate it…it helped alot 🙂

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