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      Hi, i am stuck on a question in my biology homework. I am currently taking AS biology (just to help you see what level i am at)

      So the question is… How does diffusion result in the alveoli having a moist surface

      The only answer i can think of (well couple of answers) is that the alveoli have a moist tissue area to make for more efficent diffusion (but this doesn’t say why it results in it having a moist surface area)

      The only other idea i had was that diffusion is the net movement of moelcules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration and so maybe the surface area has a lower area of concentration and so the water molecules have diffused there and so the sufrace area becomes moist

      Are any of these right or am i going off on a tangent here?

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      I think the moist surface is a requirement of diffusion since you cannot have air to liquid(blood) without some sort of wet interface or you would dry your blood out.

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