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      February Beetle

      Hey biologists,

      I am in my senior year and I need to pick an organismal biology topic to give a presentation on. I really like insects but I am trying to stay away from insects and spiders for this, because I want to explore a new topic. But I would still like it to be about invertebrates. I like all invertebrates but I really wanted to do it over SOCIAL invertebrates. I know there are social insects/spiders, do you guys know of any other social invertebrates that would be interesting to discuss? Just looking for some ideas to get me thinking about my topic 🙂 thanks!

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      Squid and cuttlefish can be social, and the communication issues can be very entertaining.

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      "Female scissortail sergants allow potential mates to fertilize a small batch off eggs and then monitor their parenting skills to decide if they are good enough to deserve a full clutch."

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