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      Hello Guys,
      I was reading the structure of Chromosome where i confused with two terms.

      These terms are Chromonema and Chromatid.
      I know Each chromosome has two chromatids attached at the centromere.
      But where is the Chromonemata and where is DNA. I am quoting a sentence from my book

      quote :

      Chromonema is a DNA Histone thread or chromatin strand which is coiled, folded and packed to form the bulk of chromosome. There is one chromonema (ds DNA) per chromosome…… …. …. … Two Chromonemata (2 DNA) occur where a chromosome has two chromatids.

      A chromosome has a ds DNA then how many chromatids and chromonema in a chromosome.
      Which one contains the DNA — Chromatid or chromonemata and how the two DNA strands are there in these structures.

      I am very confused with this. Please Help me. 🙄

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      The coiled filament that extends the entire length of a chromosome and on which the genes are located.

      http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictio … chromonema

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      During mitosis, there are two chromatids per chromosome =two chromonemata (according to your book) = two ds DNA(identical), when they separate, one chromatid = one chromosome =one chromonema= one dsDNA.
      This should be answer to your first question.

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