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      In my country, BS Biology is the most common choice for a pre-med course. When I was still taking it, I remember my professor telling us that not all of us will turn out to become doctors someday and we should be open to other opportunities. True enough, when I graduated I soon became a teacher in Biology and eventually landed a job in a research field. After that, I changed career path again .. and that led me to become a biology writer. I remember being invited years ago as a speaker for a career orientation to Biology undergrad students. And my advice to them was the same as what my prof told me. I told them to learn to adapt to what fits best. Share your stories as to why you chose to study Biology. Cheers!

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      If you are looking for a career in biotechnology, view this link: Biotech-careers for career overview and job descriptions.

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      Annie Mcmox

      What happens in then biotech careers..
      here have any course?
      how to do start on this site

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