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      If a test tube containing an aqueous suspension of chloroplasts is kept in the dark, what substances (s) would you have to add to the suspension for G3P to be formed by photosynthesis? Explain.


      Given the missing substances you added(a) , explain why there is a sudden increase in ATP synthesis when the pH of the external solution is raised to 8.0
      HELP please, I have till tomorrow morning
      thanks 🙂

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      imagine the Calvin cycle. e.g. here
      If you don’t add light, which reaction in the dark phase will you stop? (a little stupid question, but that’s problem of naming, not question;)
      So, you have to add this reaction’s product in order to form G3P (or any intermediate in between).


      So, if will you run these reactions, what cofactors will you need? And which substances will be formed? How do they relate to ATP production by ATPase?

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