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      1. All of the following are hominoids execpt:
      (A) chimpanzees (B) gorillas (C) Old World Monkeys (D) humans

      2. In Aristotle’s system of classification, which two animals would be grouped together?
      (A) seagulls and lizards (B) seals and bats (C) snails and butterflies (D) whales and fish

      3.The Indian elephant’s scientific name is Elephas maximus. Elephas is the indian elephant’s:
      (A) species (B) genus (C) family (D) archetype

      5. A virus that infects a bacterium is known as:
      (A) caspid (B) bacteriophage (C) prion (D) viroid
      1. Which of the following is not an example of a fossil?
      (A) a hardened paw print left by an animal (B) an insect trapped in amber (C) a petrified plant (D) splinters of ancient rock found in a riverbed

      2. The most accurate method of dating fossil is:
      (A) radiometric dating (B) relative dating (C) geometric dating

      3. You get in a time machine and travel to the past. When you step out of the time machine, you see dinosaurs, but no flowing plants, You are probably in:
      (A) the Paleozoic Era in the Devonian period (B) e Paleozoic Era in the Permian period (C) the Mesozoic Era in the Cretaceous period (D) the Mesozoic Era in the Triassic period

      4. Which of the following statements do scientists believe to be true?
      (A) Like on earth began about 5000 years ago (B) 245 million years ago, there was only one landmass (C) The largest mass extinction occurred at the end of the twentieth century (D) Microorganisms are generated by life force in the air

      5. Redi’s experiments showed:
      (A) how life on earth began (B) the no organisms were spontaneously generated (C) that flies and other larger organisms were not spontaneously generated

      6. Protocells are:
      (A) prokaryotes (B) eukaryotes (C) viruses which feed on some kinds of cells (D) large, ordered structures which carry out some life activities

      7. Elephants have "fingers" at the ends of their trucks with which they can manipulate some objects. These fingers are similar in function to, but different in structure form, human fingers. Human fingers and Elephant fingers are:
      (A) analogous structures (B) mimic structures (C) homologous structures (D) vestigial structures

      8. Elephant fingers and human fingers are probably a result of:
      (A) divergent evolution (B) disruptive evolution (C) convergent evolution (D) Lamarckian evolution

      9. Some snakes move into a particular area. Over time, one group of these snakes become active only at night; another group become active only during the day. Because they are not active at the same times, the two groups of snakes do not breed with each other. This is an example of:
      (A) geographic isolation (B) polyploidy (C) reproductive isolation

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      you’re gonna get killed for this… can’t you look it up? or use a textbook?
      9. is (C)

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      show your work first!

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      All the answers are A
      Wait, how would you know if I was lying? I am this really nice person on the internet, Am I not?
      Do your research, and you will not need the questionable helpfulness of random sadistic strangers.

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