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      Why is the presence of blood or protein in urine considered abnormal?

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      Because urine is a product of excretory system. Blood and protein should not be in the urine because we need them and must not excrete them out.

      The presence of blood and urine as an indication of broken filtration of kidney function, to be precise in Malpighian body part.

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      Protein indicates filter damage – they should be too big to fit through, unless the holes are opened by damage. This often indicates an infection in the body, since "engorged" white blood cells often catch on thew filters, die, and their released digestive enzymes damage the filters.

      Blood should never go through the filters, even damaged ones. Red blood cells are indications of bleeding in the urinary system. The most common cause here is kidney stones. Infections in the system that ulcerate will release RBCs, too, but then there will also be white blood cells in the urine.

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      Proteinurea will because Many differant disease
      eg. hipatitis, Yellow fever ect.

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      But isn’t it normal for a person to have some small levels of protein during his first urine in the morning…..

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      Yes ofcourse, there is determined threshold amount that is normally excreated out daily.

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      nothing in biology works perfectly, a very small amount is normal. however, if the quantity increases only a little, you have a biiig problem.. and try to post in the apropiate forum please. moved

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      why should there be blood in your urine?

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      Urine is made from filtered blood. If you have blood in your urine, it means that there is something wrong with the filter. Blood should not be in urine.

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      quote Dr.Stein:

      Urine is made from filtered blood. If you have blood in your urine, it means that there is something wrong with the filter. Blood should not be in urine.

      So urine is made from filtered blood. I see… 🙂

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      Yup 🙂

      Here, here, I give you a nice picture of urine production to help you understand the process 😉

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      Thanks. That is a great info. 😀

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      good picture dr. 🙂

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      I never did quite understand the loop of henle. Would you mind describing the picture some?
      I know I could do internet research, but I wanna hear it from forumers 🙂

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      Loop of Henle is about "The Countercurrent System" 😉

      Read here for all the detail and another functions of it:

      …and here some pics to complete your understanding 😉

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      hi im 23 and on the 22 on this month i when to hospital for a check up and test coz in july i had inflammions in my heart and not been to good since then my urine showen i had white blood cell and blood into could this be to do with my heart or could it be to do with my low b12 and iron i keep asking doctors and hospital why have i got all this and when can i go back to work all i get is not sure lets do more test but gotta wait months till hospital do the test so i have had to hand my job in.not good when i have 2 kids and house to run please help me

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      You’ll probably have to wait for the results to be sure but the blood is probably a symptom of something else and not a result of the inflammation. Might have a common cause.

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      my daughter has both blood and protein in the urine ….i beleive it was 150 (blood) and protien (1.6)or the other way around are they high levels and what would cause this.

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      When I went to do my medicals for my new job I was told that there was a high percentage of blood and protein in my urine. I went to my doctor a few weeks later and his tests showed the same. He has taken me off work and given me some medication to will do tests at the end of the week to see if there are any changes. I don’t feel any pain at all. What cure is there for this condition? ❓

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      This must be quite common, I’m waiting on tests now. I don’t want to worry though.

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      Fernando Martínez


      I can´t see the picture but I think I can give more information about protein in the urine.

      The treshold of protein in the urine to be considered normal is under 30 mg/dl. Above that level the test is considered positive and it is not always  related to kidney damage.

      Benign proteinuria is usually transient and can be produced bydehydration, exposure to cold, fever, stress or orthostatic or postural proteinuria (it occurs following periods spent in a vertical posture)

      You can see more info on:

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