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      Levels of Classification

      Please click link to see the table.
      This was on my Bio test and I got it all wrong. Can someone explain it to me how the Level of Classification works and correct me if i’m wrong when i’m explaing it. Also, excuse my English.

      Question 1. Click Link
      According to Table, which two birds have the most in common?
      a. Mallard and Common Loon
      b. Canada Goose and Gray Jay
      c. Mallard and Blue-winged Teal
      d. Canada Goose and Blue-winged Teal

      my answer: B – got it wrong
      right answer – C

      well, by looking at the table Mallard, Canada Goose and Blue-winged Teal are on the same Family but Mallard and Blue-winged Teal has almost the same scientific name which are the most common birds.

      Question 2 . Click link
      Which two birds have the least in common?
      a. Mallard and Common Loon
      b. Canada Goose and Blue-winged Teal
      c. Mallard and Canada Goose
      d. Mallard and Blue-winged Teal

      my answer – A .. got it right just pick it randomly
      right answer – A

      According to Table, Gray Jay and Common Loon are in different Family so, these two birds are the least in common. The rest of the 3 birds are in the same Family. But Mallard (anas platyrhynchos) and Blue-winged Teal (anas discors) are almost have the same scientific name as Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) and Gray Jay (Perisoreous canadensis)

      Question 3
      The Level of Classification containing the most diverse group of individuals is called
      a. species
      c. class
      d. genus

      my answer – A
      right answer – C

      Please explain this tome

      Question 4
      If two organisms are members of the same order they must also be members of the same
      a. species
      b. genus
      c. family
      d. class

      my answer – C
      right answer – D

      Please explain this to me
      example: if two organisms are members of the same kingdom they must also be members of the same phylum.
      how about if two organisms are members of the same phylum they must also be members of the same class or kingdom. this question confuses me.


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      Sure. See the link below. It is a powerpoint explaining the questions your have. … cation.ppt

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      4) actually no, you are taking it in the back order. If you have one kingdom, let’s say animals, they are popular, they can be in phylum Cnidaria, but also in phylum Mollusca, but also in many other phyla. But if you have organisms in phylum Mollusca, than they are definitely both in kingdom Animalia, OK? So the common taxa is always the higher one.
      3) species is again the most uniform form of life. If you take all Mallards (species), they will look very similar, but if you will take birds (class), than you have such different form as Rhea as well as Hummingbird.
      2) and 1) after previous explenation, you can probably guess, that those, who have the same Familly will be similar, if they have even the same first name, that means, that they probably belong to the same genus, that are the most related species 😉

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