Biology Forum Community General Discussion can anyone help me with these 2 questions?

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      1.Describe the primary types of plant organs, tissues and cells in each of the following: A) a Caesar salad and B) a baked potato

      2.A) List two differences between the life cycle of a gymnosperm and that of a bryophyte. B) How has each difference (that you listed in part A) affected the relative success of these two groups on land?

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      We won’t be doing your homework for you. We can help. Why don’t you at least start?

      What do you think a piece of lettuce is??

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      i am really bad at biology. its so hard for me to understand even i read texbook and study very hard. (8am-12pm). i am an international student. i really need help to pass this course which is the only one bio course i have to take. thx

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