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      I am in the 10th grade and need the answer’s for these questions

      1. What are the building blocks of DNA?

      2. What does each nucleotide consist of?

      3. The bases of each rung of the DNA molecule are joined by what type of bond?

      4. The sugar and phosphate group of each nucleotide that form the sides of the ladder – like DNA molecule are held together by what type of bonds?

      5. Why is DNA referred to as a “double helix?”

      6. What is the function of DNA and where is it found?

      7. What is meant by “DNA unzipping?”

      What three groups make up a nucleotide?

      What are the names of the 4 types of nitrogen bases?

      What is the shape of the DNA molecule?

      What is the name of the sugar in DNA?

      Name the nitrogen bases that pair together in the DNA molecule?

      In the ladder shape of the DNA molecule, what are the sides of the ladder make up of?

      What holds the steps or rungs on the nucleotides together in the DNA molecule?

      What are the rungs of the DNA “ladder” made up of?

      What are the building blocks of the DNA molecule?

      Where in the cell is the DNA located?

      Please help me i need the answers:?:

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      i really need the help

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      haha yay! i spoke about that to my class once..well
      first i have to say you that i did it in spanish so im gonna try to make translation as clear as posible.
      1.- guanine- thymine-adenine-cytocine
      2.- nitrogen base (im not quiet sure)
      3.- double helix
      4.- phosphate-base azooté -désoxyribose
      5.-because that way make it clone itself exactly.
      6.- create new beings and it is found in every being alive.
      7.- (dunno)
      8.-phosphate-base azooté -désoxyribose
      9.- (dunno)
      10.- double helix
      12.- T-A G-C
      13.- hydrogen
      15.- dunno
      16.-phosphate-base azooté -désoxyribose

      well i guess i answered most of the question the rest is for you! hope i could help.

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      1- correct
      2- wrong
      3- wrong
      4- wrong
      5- wrong
      6- wrong
      7- n/a
      8- correct but in french (azote is Nitrogen in english)
      9- n/a
      10- correct
      11- wrong
      12- correct
      13- wrong
      14- n/a
      15- n/a
      16- correct but still in french
      17- correct but not complete

      We do not encourage posters to post their homework to get their answers. Show that you actually work before we help. Homeworks are here to show that YOU, original poster, understood your textbook, not that any guy on the web know the answer. I strongly suggest that you read our tutorials (the genetics one will include the answers to your questions).

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      i just need the answers

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      No you just need to do your homework. Open your text book or the tutorial suggested and you will find the answers.

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      quote canalon:

      No you just need to do your homework. Open your text book or the tutorial suggested and you will find the answers.

      😆 Right.

      And then also you are expecting Help then go here. 🙄

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      i dont have a text book or notes just please tell me the answers

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      give it up, the answers will not be given to you. Your homework is there for a reason, so spend the ten minutes and go through the tutorial and get your answers. You could’ve easily been done by now had you invested your time in learning it for yourself.

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      Bah! Another one who needs thing instantly! 😈

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      everyone is in such a hurry these days…

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      And seems that they don’t want to try by themselves 😈

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      Hm . . .

      quote MrMistery:

      everyone is in such a hurry these days…
      quote Dr. Stein:

      And seems that they don’t want to try by themselves 😈

      When procrastination and laziness collide . . . 🙄

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      Who doesnt procrastinate though ??? I guess sometimes its such a challenge, but not year 10 homework, these are the best times of your life kid, if you dont learn the skills of reaserch your pants will be on fire by the time you reach tertiary level of education, where a whole unit is taught in just over3 months!!

      Hows that for pressure!

      Good Luck !!

      A generic textbook should have the answers… perhaps you may not have the book but do you have access to a library??


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      True, everyone does procrastinate at some point, but the really determined eventually grow out of it.

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      Do you think that we ever do?? No one can Never procrastinate… unless you are superman perhaps, but even laziness is a sign from your body that you are just tired. not matter how determined you may be(unless you are a lazy person normally) and if you are that determined , maybe there is no other priorities to worry about?
      Just like feeling tired. Your body is saying hey u get some rest before u kill me 😛

      Who can sit studying or in front of a computer for hours on end without thinking hmm what a nice day ?

      I cant wait untill i grow out of it!! =) uve given hope =)

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