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      i have to writte about cancer and the immune system, and i came across 2 statements,
      does the lymphatic system transports lipoproteins to the blood stream?
      and cancer is basically the faulty of immune system oris lack B cells only,

      doing research i got confuse in those two, i can say it doesnt transport lipoproteins but then again maybe im wrong and the other one i need some opinions if any one can help who has a better idea??it will help me alot, thanks

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      Lymphatic system and blood circulation is two different thing. However they meet each other in secondary lymphoid organs i.e. lymph nodes and spleen in order to do immunosurveillance.

      Cancer is the common phenomenon of immune system failure, not only the lack of B cell. Since B cell is an effector cell, so it seems like we don not have enough soldiers to kill the enemy so they are easily attack our country. Then we put a blame on soldiers who cannot elliminate that enemy. Something like that 😉

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      one is lacking B cell, there are still T cells in the body. they are also soldiers.

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      Yes, the TCL (CD8+) via its cytotoxic killing action 😉

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