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      You are shown the results of a cell fusion experiment in which the plasma membrane of the fused cell looks like it is evenly divided between the two donor cell membranes. Which of the following would be the most likely explanation.
      A) the donor cell membranes are incompatable with each other
      B) the fused cell was incubated below 150 C preventing diffusion and mixing of the membrane proteins
      C) the fused cell was incubated above the phase transition temperature
      D) the fused cell is in the process of dividing back into the two donor cells
      E) the membrane of the fused cell is a static structure

      I chose C I am wrong. I think it is B

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      I would say F, none of the above 😆

      A – I cannot imagine, why it shouldn’t be compatible (yet I’m not expert in membranes;)
      B – the human body has also less then 150°C and yet it diffuses
      C – no idea, what that means, but you say it’s wrong
      D – no reason to be divided exactly as it was before
      E – shouldn’t be (fluid mosaic model, right?)

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      150 C is 15 degrees C – it printed wrong

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      aha…but still, 15°C do not look so cold to stop the diffusion. That would also depend on the composition (i.e. origin) of the cells. But seems as the only reasonable answer…

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      yes, but when the experiment is performed below 15 degrees the cells fuse and the plasma membrane is secure for each cell, as the temp raises the contents of the fusion within the cell becomes mosaic.

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      Answer was B

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