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      Hello experts,

      I am doing some tissue culture work with cancer cells and was wondering if anyone knew of any quick and simple methods to measure cell motility or invasiveness? A lot of the assays for cell motility seem too time consuming. As a last resort, I suppose there are kits out there that serve this purpose. If any one has had any experience with them please let me know! Also, would anyone happen to know of any tissue culture assays for identifying tumor suppressors or oncogenes? Thanks for your time!

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      They are time consuming I assume you are aware of Matrigel and micro-boyden chambers.

      Matrigel would work great for tissue cultures

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      I’ve heard of matrigel, although I guess I would have to order a kit for that? isn’t it expensive? Aren’t micro-boyden chambers used to study chemokine effects on leukocytes? I just want to test the effects of chemotherapy drugs on the cell motility and invasiveness…can boyden chambers be used for that?

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