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      My bio class did this experiment in which we took three types of corn: corn that sat at room temperature for 3 days, corn that sat at room temperature for 7 days, and corn that was refrigerated, and placed them in a respirometer with KOH (to absorb the CO2) and cotton. We then placed a drop of dye inside a pipette and monitored its movement over the course of 30 minutes. The dye would move as O2 was being consumed inside the respirometer. In the end, the corn that was at room temperature for 3 days had the most dye movement. Can anybody explain why this occured? Thanks.

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      you mean c02

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      Well, refrigerated organisms are not very familliar with living and that stuff 😉

      And, young plants, untill they grow a little bit and have own photosynthetising leaves, need to utilizes the respiration using storage from seeds 😉
      I guess, that should be enough 😉

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