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      This is Carrie from over at Morgellons.

      Skytroll…I just read a post you wrote to some one saying help us find what this is…so, you want help to find what this is may I ask…where are you looking and how are you looking for it?

      Cliff…not to question your intelligence, I have read a few of your writings and have been impressed with how articulately written they are. I have yet to read your interpretation of the "Callus Fluke" because I have yet to locate any documented medical literature on this specific fluke in which you speak. It seems to me that this fluke that is being sought out is a fluke that has already been identified.

      Please fill me in if I am missing something because I’m not getting any help with these questions over at Morgellons.

      Thank you.

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      I am looking at molecular level, metabolic level,
      and even particle nano theory, along with natural worms, genetically altered bacteria, worms, insects, etc.

      There seems to be something non organic about the fiber, though.

      We have covered many things, but, go back and read posts by Tam Tam, C3, Forum, Gaia pacha is the first one

      There is cyanobacteria, a typanasoma like protist,
      possibly Prototheca, just google that and can find info on that.

      He leaves many messages as he goes along.

      Also see video at

      Many of us are working on getting the media to do stories on this and are sending out letters.

      Southcity has a letter, Leighann is working on getting info from us for a law firm.

      A doctor is working with some of us, A Dr. Schwartz.

      Have you registered at

      Just trying to help you. I got lost in the superbowl today, so didn’t post earlier. Commercials were fun.


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